Engineering Services

CTL Resources harnesses a deep understanding of Department of Defense (DoD) industry needs directly related to engineering. We are a highly specialized engineering services boutique that invests in our clients to source, procure, and deliver professionals that meet the rare and unique engineering criteria with defining precision.

Our engineering experience serves an expansive spectrum of DoD and their Prime’s needs:

• Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber, Information Systems
• Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Intelligence Systems
• Electronic Combat Systems
• Ground to Air Defense Systems
• Under Seas Systems
• Space Systems
• Software, Hardware, Systems Integration
• Information Assurance, Information Intelligence
• Radar, Surveillance
• Cyber Security
• Propulsion
• Nuclear Physicists
• Quality Assurance and Testing Engineers
• Mechanical, Electrical, Design
• Logistics, Facilities Maintenance
• Scheduling, Planning